How rude... LOL

Okay, here's a TMI question for you ladies. Will you pass gas in front of your significant other?

I don't know why but this is something I am just too embarrassed to do, lol. My ex husband got a kick out of when I was pregnant and would accidentally toot in front of him. He'd laugh and laugh... so rude lol.

So what is it? Hold it in or let it out around the other half?

    Sometimes it slips out lol, but 90% of the time I toot in the bathroom while urinating, lol just happens.
      I just can't do it...but it is very rare that he will in front of me either. He normally leaves the room if he needs to...which I totally appreciate. I grew up in a family that will pass gas anywhere they are so I am used to it but I just won't do it in front of anyone. I was thrilled when I found someone who is the same way that I am and I didn't even have to ask him to be like that.
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