Do you burn leaves?

Alright ladies, for those of you who have to deal with leaves in the autumn, do you burn them? I am very tempted to try that with the ones I have so far (and I am not kidding when I say I get a ton of them) but I am afraid to catch my yard on fire, hahaha.

How do you dispose of leaves?

    Make a fire pit to burn them in, we don't burn them here some towns like ours have a leaf removal system, bag them and transport them someplace.
    Dig up a patch of dirt get some stones or bricks in a circle, make sure there's a wide enough space away from trees. here's a link to a diy fire pit
      Here in Oregon we burn everything! lol at least during burn season, which should be opening soon and I am SO excited about it!!!! My husband is so fascinated with it because all the places he has lived they have never even heard of backyard burning.
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