Been looking to praying all day today and yesterday for my stress feeling.

I can't stop moving in my day so I have been praying through out my day silently to myself . I have a few financial things coming down on me so not been able to pay a whole lot of attention to the drama around me. My hubby is feeling it too . Yesterday poor guy came home ate the poblanos in a bowl and I took by the hand into the bedroom and proceeded to give him a massage he had said that his legs really hurt him ,by the time I turned around with the icyhot he was out and snoring. Just so tired. I felt so weird cause I am not able to help him by working . Got my phone turned off this week and I let the cable go so I feel a bit better but time is not on my side here.I feel like I am running against the clock.....

    8Theresa Gould
    Sorry you are stressed. Does walking help you or journaling? What helps you relax the most?
      I'm so sorry you/re going through so much. We have been there and it's not easy. We have had to let some bills go late or get shut off if payment plans were not an option or just better off without. Tough times, especially if unexpected can truly be challenging. I will pray for you guys and I hope for strength and positivity to guide your every moment. I know sometimes being positive is so hard when faced with some things that feel almost impossible, but please keep your faith and stay strong. Some things are unnecessary, and now is the time to focus on what is necessary and most important. You must also stay healthy for yourself and to be the best for each other through these tough times. I agree with Theresa in finding something that can help relax you, journaling, maybe reading or drawing. Do you like to make things or be crafty? I'm sure we can find something that can help you to relax in order to be able to face each challenge in a way that will help you get through it. My heart is with you, stay positive :) You will get through these times.
        aww ladies you gals are the best. I had been stressing a lot .I spent so much energy as a young mom on working two and three jobs sometimes that I have a really hard time when I have to depend on someone else like my man now< so crafty I have no Idea how to even start anything . Time goes by so fast and I didn't have some one telling me look you should spend time with your little ones ,it was more like I felt a pressure to give them what I could because I made such bad decision as a younger person . My husband now tells me that no pressure you take care of Dad and we will get it together not to worry . I take care of all of the household bills, food, payments, everything so this is why I tend to stress more but I can't ask him or feel bad about that. Even though he is one of the most intelligent guys , He can't read or write he spent his childhood helping his mother raise his siblings while his father was drunk. So school in old Mexico wasn't an option for him over eating. I love him with all my heart he has a memory like an elephant. I have managed to teach him how to write and sign his name and read a little . He is trying so hard to learn English and doing great at it. That's why I am going to Mexico for this reversal, he wants his mom by my side because he is torn between me and caring for my Dad in my absence. My daughter does an awesome job with dad but she is only 14 and needs an adult helping. This is my inner stress story ladies. I can't tell him how truly stressed I am because he will feel so bad. You girls are my light and blessings! I have someone to talk to and enjoy your little things too.
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        I am 42 but am married to a wonderful man whom has never had the experience of being a father. I've had my tubes tied but have heard that there is still a chance of pregnancy.Is this true and what can I do