Moms with girls (and even boys) do you get concerned with abuction?

​I will admit we do. While we live in a rural area, only four miles from our town of 20,000. The roads we live on are busy and our house and front of our barn is near the road. We have actually had our boys approached by a strange vehicle while they are out doing chores. One of our sons got a partial plate and told his younger brother to "Run like Hades!" and we called the police who came right out to question us/the boys. As far as we know the men were never caught, but we have a heightened awareness that even living in the country does not make us safe.

Our girls are teens now and regularly tell us they are being watched or stared at as they go about their chores.....they find it offensive, creepy and annoying.

Here are two cases that turned out positive in the news recently:…

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    8Theresa Gould
    This with the girls has been happening more so this week and now that they've told us it's the same pick up with the same guys we should be able to report them to the police, especially if we get a license plate. The girls have said they are teen boys, so I don't know if they live nearby and are on their way to/from the high school which is basically across our hay field our neighbor's back yard and a corn field away.

    The police did not take our last complaint lightly and we are thankful they take these things seriously. There's far too much of it going on in the world or we know more about them with the internet. Not sure with these teen boys they can do anything for "staring and watching" but give them a warning.

    Our girls now have permission to carry huge knives my husband and son own on belts and use them if necessary. It's private property and if anyone enters, they do so at their own risk.

    Our children are not even allowed to play in our front yard for this very reason, unless we are out there with them. We want them to stick to the back yard and the back 12 acres. They do not need to be any where near the road, in our opinion.
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