Still Breech!

Pregnancy update: 37 week checkup today. Caleb is still breech lol. You know what that means ......They are scheduling the Csection next Monday for the week of the 29th. Dr says Caleb is very healthy and happy and so am I. No issues :))). God knows what's best for us so C section it is. I'm doing great just feel pregnant today. .. it hurts to walk some because he is kicking my pelvic bone... nauseous and not comfortable. .... but Soon baby Caleb will be here at the end of the month. just two weeks. Happy tears knowing soon we will be holding our precious baby boy! !!mommy and daddy are so excited to meet you! !

    try walking alot when. U can and if u feel tired rest ....I heard this helps to turn babies around
      congratulations soon to be mommy
        I chose not to get him turned. :) Just a preference :) Thanks ladies!!!! Excited face!!!!
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        Hello Mommies and mommies to be! I am a 30 yr old Christian mommy to be! My husband and I are very excited to announce we are expecting a baby boy named Caleb! I wanted to join a place to get advice, for comfort and for strength! :)