Have you ever received an act of kindness like this.....

​There were times when I had 5, 6, 7 children and we'd be out and about having a good time, but days previous to our outing may have otherwise been challenging on the home front. During those times, I will admit we would either receive compliments about our children being so well behaved or be told by older couples what a good job we were doing with our children. It reaffirmed us as parents and frankly encouraged us. I think we had one time where some stranger paid for our dinner while we were out but I had forgotten about it until I read this story.

The following story made me cry and wish for a more compassionate and caring world because this waitress is one of few, not many.a

Stranger pays for 'special' family's dinner, leaves touching note:


8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
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    Ah.. how amazing! Reminds you how GOOD God is.. as well as people in the world!

    I don't have kids.. so nothing quite like this has happened.. but my husband and I love to pay it forward... A few Easters ago, we were in church and before Mass started, this darling old couple squeezed in beside us with big smiles. We enjoyed their company throughout the Mass and chatted a bit after, wishing each other the Happiest Easter. After Mass we went out to brunch and were chatting and almost finishing up, when we noticed the same old couple come in to eat... they sat close and we waved hello. Before we were finished and about to pay, my husband called the waitress and asked to pay for their meal.. whatever it was. I think small acts of kindness go such a long way. We didn't have her tell them who it was, or wait around.. we just wanted to do a sweet deed.
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