Homeschoolling and keeping records

In many states it is required that parents keep records of what a child is learning if they are home schooled. The criteria may be very loose or might be stringent, but the question remains: how do you keep track of everything?

I'd love to hear the advice current home schooling mommas have to give on this topic! I am also including a link to an article that I thought had some pretty great ideas.…

    I plan on having sheets that are pretty much like a teacher's gradebook... But not for sure.
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      8Theresa Gould
      No, Illinois is one of the more lenient states. We do not have to register or send anything to the state, thankfully. As it is none of their business. We do keep track. I have a homeschool binder, which is missing right now, but I know what we've done and can back track easily to update my records. It is easy when they are in elementary. It gets a little more detailed when they reach high school.
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