What's your favorite type of craft?

I love, love, love to craft when I have time... especially to pass the time during the TWW.

I love to draw, paint, crochet.. heck, just about anything! I do sometimes get frustrated and impatient with crochet, but once I get in the swing of it, it's relaxing. I love being able to throw paint on something, whether furniture or a canvas.

Lately I've gotten into mandalas and zentangles.

It's so easy, but so much fun. You just take a shape, it can even be overlapping circles.. and doodle a pattern in each "section" and then it looks all cool and complex.. but it's super super easy! I think it's fun and meditative.

What about you? What do you like to do?

What's your favorite type of craft?
    Mostly needlework and crochet.
      Melissa Middleton
      I like to draw, paint, and build (wood items). I used to do dream catchers when I was younger. I like that design above. I used to sew and quilt.

      The tree is going to be our family tree. I will add names later. I drew these next four for my hubby and the wall mural for my son. The last one is a quote on my daughter's wall. I had painted it all minus the non-fancy writing. Calligraphy is easy to do by hand.

      I enjoy drawing faces as well.

      I also like to paint on glass bottles and jars, so I save those for craft projects.

      Oops, the last one was the fourth I drew for my hubby.
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