obgyn or midwife?

I've heard alot about both but I have no idea can someone help and maybe tell me there experience with what they chose? id assume a obgyn would be cheaper.. I do want whats best for our baby but im not the rich and things add up.

    I went with an OB and had a wonderful experience, I plan on going back to her when I have another child. I Theresa Gould is a midwife and might have advice for you.
      8Theresa Gould
      Some midwives do have billing services or will bill your insurance. It all depends on the insurance whether or not they pay for a midwife's services for a home birth.

      Actually, midwives are cheaper than OB/GYN s. A midwife's services will only cost $2500 and upwards depending on where you live. Whereas an OB/BYN is considerably higher and so is the hospital bill.

      The thing to remember is birth is not a medical event in most cases. Birth is a natural event that our bodies were meant to perform.

      Forceps and vacuums are usually a last resort and are not a normal part of birth, or shouldn't be anyways. If your doctor uses them a lot, I would look for another doctor because there are risks involved in using them.

      Ultimately, you have to decide what you are more comfortable with because that will be the best for you and your baby.
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