I must be in a sensitive mood today or something but I am super frustrated. Avery fell asleep for like 2 minutes in the car this morning and now she WILL NOT NAP. This isn't anything new, I mean she's skipped naps in the past, but today it's really bugging me. I've tried putting her down like 6 or 7 times now. I've given up but I desperately need some space to calm down. The thing is she's super clingy now... I can't wait until daddy gets home...

    Melissa Middleton
    My son has been clingy lately as well. I have not been able to work on my blog or do house chores because of it.
    I hope she will eventually take a nap or go plat by herself so you can have a breather.
      I hate those days. Tristen is the same way. Even if he gets 30 seconds sleep then he will not nap. Now I just lay him down and let him hang out in his crib for a while and if he doesn't sleep then that's fine but it gives me the break I need. I put a few toys in there and he is normally fine. Hopefully she gets some sleep, for her and you!
        Could she be teething? James is like that when he is teething.
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