Today is my husband and I 3 rd wedding anniversary. I would so go back and change certain things from that day. Not the getting married part but who did the cake... gross. The photographer get rid he did bad job. My mother Not even helping with the wedding. Complaining about everything we decided to do...errr and my husband had to work today...errr

    8Theresa Gould
    Happy anniversary! I know, I wish we had a wedding photographer take photos because cameras were not like they are today. That's about the only thing I would have changed.
      me and my husband will be celebrating our 1 year Oct 6th ! i feel the same lol our cake was wrong even tho me and my husband were the only ones that knew that still erks me oh and i wish i was able to enjoy the food at our cocktail hour tat all the guests still rave about :( lol
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