New words...

Tristen woke up with a whole crop of new words. It always trips me out when he does this. He woke up this morning and ran to where we keep our shoes and said "shoe" then Daddy got a drink of water and he pointed and said "water" and I gave him breakfast and he said "food" lol he was trying to say pillow but it comes out "buhpooh" not exactly sure how it translates but he seems to know. lol he was trying though. It is just crazy to me how I think he's behind or not getting something and he just wakes up one morning with all this knowledge...maybe I need to sleep in his bed and see if it helps me get smarter. Haha

    He said something else earlier that was so clear but I can't remember what it's like where did all this come from? Apparently he does listen to us! Lol
    Well, he has figured out a way to rip open both sides of the mattress and rips the stuffing out when he should be sleeping. So maybe the knowledge is in the stuffing! hahaha
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