One thing I didn't realize my child needed to know...

When my son started kindergarten I thought he was beyond ready. He knew his letters, his numbers, he could even read small words! His hand writing wasn't great but he was trying.

No one told me I should work on his cutting skills with him. He just never needed to use scissors before then! He was so frustrated when it came time to do activities that involved cutting. I felt like an awful parent, lol.

What is something you just didn't realize that your kiddo needed to know going into kindergarten?

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      Goodness, I don't think it will be safe to give my child a pair of scissors until he is at least 21! lol I am seriously frightened of this. Some days I feel like he is already so far behind other kids but I try not to push him, there is so much they want them to know going in though.
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