Kidisms To the Pregnant Mom

A post by Amanda made me think of of these memories.... :D
Being pregnant with your first is a completely different experience than being pregnant with any other children after the first.

When it's your first, it's cute (kinda) when you start waddling... When you have an older child following around, all it takes is one comment about you waddling and all the sudden you hear a duck quacking behind you wherever you go.

When your belly button starts to poke out, you think 'oh good, baby will come soon, I won't feel like a blob anymore'... With older children (especially if they have seen a turkey come out of the oven). Mommy!!! Your button is sticking out, that means baby has cooked long enough!! Every. Single. Day... If not more than once a day. :/

LOL oh my.
At least they didn't use your pads for special occasion 'napkins'.. Apparently one of my mom's friends told her girls that her feminine pads were special occassion napkins.. Next time grandma and grandpa were over that's what everybody got for napkins.
8Theresa Gould
Mine would put my breast pads on their heads! Silly!
Once they figured out that baby's food goes on them, they had nothing to do with that.. But Grace has started chewing on the wet ones before I get them put in the laundry.
    8Theresa Gould
    Too funny. I cannot even remember what my children said while I was pregnant.
    LOL Oh that's cute!
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