Only change I'd make is on #1-

the New Mom is way too busy at first to invite you over. I find it perfectly fine for someone to call and ask when they can visit.…

    8Theresa Gould
    We did not have too many issues with too many visitors since my husband's family is small and while mine is large, they were all back in Canada. I did find mil wanted to hold baby too much sometimes...I wanted baby all to myself. After all I had carried baby for nine months...
      With Grace, she was the only one we had visitors outside of family. Even then it was pastor and he stayed long enough to pray with us, give congrats, then left (gave us a rose in vase which went to MIL because I'm allergic). But sure wish I could show the ones to the MIL about 'assuming role as host'..... It was nice when I went to my mom's after three months of being away because she wouldn't let me do much and baby was two months old.
        Number 11 is big for me, would it kill people to let mamas take a nap?
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