Can Neighbors be that stupid

Sorry ladies but small rant going to happen here.

The people that live next door to me (we live in a trailer park with the trailers way to close to each other) are heavy drinkers. Well my stupid self decided to start talking to the female of the two of them not knowing that they are heavy drinkers.

I started to talk to her and now feel like an idiot for doing so. I have helped her with her at that time dying mother that had cancer that spread, with as much as I could. Her mother fell really ill and died. The female had money sitting on her porch one day and it all of sudden went missing and I am getting blamed for taking it. That is just part of it.

Before her mother passed as away, since our trailers are so close to each other she can hear when we get onto Ashley for not touching certain things that Ashley isn't allowed and also hears my SO talking a little loud and laughing at things.

Well because of us getting onto Ashley a bit and the laughing, (pardon my french on this one), this bitch thinks my SO has been putting his hands on me along with Ashley. WTF are you thinking. We have never put our hands on her and he has never put his hands on me. Yea, we mess around and all that but he never puts his hand on me like that nor Ashley.

He went to grab something from the Shell gas station up the street from us, and the lady that was helping him also talks to the idiot next door to me, didn't know that he had a child because most of the time he just runs in and pays for the gas or gets what he needs and Ashley and I stay in the car. Well tonight she asked to see Ashley sometime. One how did she know that he had a daughter, and two, she asked on all of nights. I have a feeling the idiot next door is spreading rumors and some nasty ones for that matter. If she wants to start this crap she can. She has it coming to her. Plus it is the worst time of the month to piss me off too.

I know I should of called someone on her because she was drinking all the time while trying to take of her dying more and smoking with 2 things of oyxgen in the house. STUPID!!!!!

Sorry ladies normally I don't do something like this but had to get this off my chest.

    I hate neighbors like this. There's a big reason that I stay to myself outside of throwing my hand up when I drive by. I just don't want to deal with people and their drama. I'm pretty sure that people around here think I am unfriendly, I don't care. The only ones I talk to are my next door neighbors and only because my son plays with the kids over there. Luckily they are good people, but you really take a gamble when it comes to neighbors.
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        Ever Lopez
        Funny you post this matter!! my neighbor stop talking to me due to a money issue.. i will go to her house have coffee and just enjoy a nice long convo. but she came once and asked my to lent her a good amount of money and i explain to her that she knew my situation of not working just go by what my husband give me for my need or house needs ( i try to make lots of home made stuff so i will save the money) so she agreed on paying back on the 15th of last month , 18th came by so i had to asked her what had happen to the money because i ran low and i couldn't ask my husband for more cash, so she got offended and didn't return my calls or text, then knock on my door on the 2nd of this month and return my money with an attitude!!!! LIKE REALLY NEVER AGAIN!
          8Theresa Gould
          I'm grateful for the neighbors we have right now. They seem friendly and decent. We've only had a mishap with a dog in the three years we've been here. MUCH better than our previous situation, though there we liked everyone but the neighbors attached to our duplex. Even then we liked them well enough, just couldn't take them complaining about our children when we had five when they moved in...they KNEW we had five children.
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