The big debate: fried or baked?

Who doesn't love chicken? I for one am a huge fan of it, honestly prefer it over any other meat. I like it both ways, fried and baked. My favorite is fried though, i admit it. I know it's better for you when baked, but man is fried chicken yummy!

So ladies which is better? Fried or baked?

    I'm with you on loving chicken!! And I like it baked! But I like to make this ranch chicken cutlets and instead of dipping the chicken in the egg then the breadcrumbs you dip it in ranch then the breadcrumbs! It is very yummy! Tonight I made boiled chicken because I am trying to eat now healthy so I boiled it with onion and adobo and a little bit of garlic with some peas! It was delicious!
      I like both...I love chicken legs baked with BBQ sauce you get the crunch without the oil, and I love baked chicken breast with Rosemary and thyme...we had that for dinner. But I do love some good fried chicken! Mmmmmm
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