Sorry, I've been out!

My Mother-in-law and Neice on my husband's side were here for two weeks and I am still recuperating from it. We had a big blow up about some tacos the second week and they almost went home early over it. Ladies, I was told it was my fault but you tell me how many tacos come from only a pound of ground beef and will it be enough for a family of 8? Long story short my husband's 18 year old neice made tacos one evening while I was out at a parent meeting. I knew that a pound of beef wouldn't be enough so I bought some tacos at taco bell to go with what she made. Oh, my goodness what a mistake that was since she was being visited by mother nature! Of course my husband took their side too! What do you think ladies?

4Ronna JonesFort Worth, Texas
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    4Ronna Jones
    I told her that I make 2 pounds and I add tomatoes and potatoes and I make rice and beans and I chop up a head of lettuce and shred a block of cheese.
      8Theresa Gould
      I'm sorry for your falling out during your visit. I can make a pound of beef stretch but not for tacos! :) I hope it was resolved before they left. I don't think men understand portions or how much it takes to feed 8-10 people. I don' t know why but my husband still doesn't get it.
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