There's nothing like a woman scorned!

I'm sure we have all heard stories about women who have been cheated on and retaliated by doing whacky things. Maybe they threw all of his clothes on the lawn, or how about the lady who took out a bill board advertising her husband as a cheater?

Do you think you would react like this if you were in the same situation? Do you know anyone who has?

    Ever Lopez
    Oh Boy!! I had being cheated on in the past and don't get me wrong I analyze on how to do something like it or worse but then i will LoL and say to my self is not worth it.. i will be giving him the best of me...
      Melissa Middleton
      I would not go to the extremes, but his hind-end would be booted out. It is difficult to trust someone like that, I think I wrote a poem once, but that was it. Writing helps.

      My hubby was cheated on several times by his ex-wife--even while he was away on orders and working. He was hurt by it.
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