When do you start buying Christmas gifts?

I admit to the past few years buying my gifts last minute from Amazon so I could have them shipped across the country. It was a lot cheaper to just get Amazon Prime with free shipping instead of mailing stuff myself. I did keep stuff on a hidden "wish list" all year though.

I'd like to do it the way my mother does it.. She seems to do her Christmas shopping alllll year long and then has lots of neat stuff to give people at the end of the year. That sounds better to me than blowing a chunk of money all at one time when you already need to travel and stuff. Plus, the gifts are always perfectly suited to the person she's giving them to because she picked up stuff that's reminded her of that person, no pressure, no rush.

I want to get to that point, especially now that I'm back close and dont have to ship it.

What about you? When do you start Christmas shopping?

    After holidays for good discounts or randomly throughout the year if I see something for a family member.
      I bought a couple last month. I guess I buy them towards the end of Summer and Fall time. I like to finish earlier so I can just enjoy the Christmas holiday without running around for gifts at the last minute. I love Christmas Tree Shops. Great gifts for cheap.
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