Rude comment from nurse!

I have four kids and two of my kids have medical issues. There medical issues are unrelated and not genetic. The nurse told me that she hoped I was done having kids because I should realize by now I have bad genes. I am so hurt and offended by her rude comment!!

    8Theresa Gould
    I would have been too. I do not understand why some people stay in the "care" business if they do not care any more. I would report her too because seriously, parents do not need those kinds of nurses to deal with on top of whatever medical issues their children have. I'm sorry you had to endure her insensitivity. :(
      Oh man! I don't know of I would have handled that one very well. That is totally not her place. I would report it. That is not ethical behavior. I would also tell the doctor that she is a nurse for about it. They don't normally like that sort of thing from their staff. I would also call the insurance company if you have one and file a complaint with them. If they have too many issues from a certain office they will remove them from their provider list.
        Wow, that's absurd, that lady should be fired. I would report her and have her terminated. Your doing what's best for your children, that's what matters.
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