For those that had a C section

Have you found it DARN impossible to track your monthly?? I swear every month it's a different number (either 28 days, 26 (last month was 23 days since the previous period!) Also, my Son is almost 14 months old and my emotions are STILL nutso :( I know for women that give birth naturally, they bounce back faster, but for the rest of us I wonder if it takes longer.

    8Theresa Gould
    I am a 28-dayer BUT that doesn't mean it isn't off by a day or two a few times a year and it was definitely off for quite a while after giving birth and nursing. I am four years postpartum so I am pretty much back to normal, but just stopped nursing a year and a half ago.
      before getting pregnant, my cycle was always screwed up. Sometimes I would have it for a week one time a month, and sometimes I wouldn't have one for months on end. I've even had it happen twice in the same month. After my C-section, i was nursing my son so I actually didn't have one until last week. My son is 15 months old and I just finished nursing him.
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