Rude Coworkers

In this day and age, there is still a lot of pressure on women to have children. And frankly, some women simply don't want to. And that's okay! It's their body, their life, and their decision. I support women who actively choose not to have children. Now that that's cleared up, I want to talk about a certain coworker I have.

This coworker, we'll call her "B", is one of these women who doesn't want children. Okay, cool. Now, she HAS HAD a child (at the age of 16), but she gave it up for adoption. Fine, no big deal. She CONSTANTLY makes it clear to EVERYONE that she believes that having children is stupid and a mistake.

Not really okay with me.

Today B and I were in another coworker's office (we'll call her "H"). H noticed that B was wearing a Little Mermaid lanyard and asked her if she had children. B said, "No way! I'm not THAT stupid!", and H returns with, "Good for you! I don't have any either. Never wanted them, never will". I, of course, took B's declaration a little personally (as I always do, because I am a mom), and said in defense that I understand that it's good to do what you want that way, but that doesn't mean that they have to condemn every person who DOES have kids. H replied with, "Well, it IS stupid, because in this day and age, we are an overpopulated species as it is!", B voices her agreement (which I find INCREDIBLY hypocritical, considering that she contributed to the overpopulation, even if she gave the child away). I'm not going to deny that the human race is overpopulated. BUT, I still wish that B wouldn't shove her opinion down everyone's throat, ESPECIALLY because she knows that I am a mom. On multiple occasions, she has insinuated to SO and I that us having a child was a stupid decision. She once hounded SO about the reason why we aren't married (which is really nobody's business), and SO (not thinking his reply all the way through) told her that we just don't want to make any mistakes. Her comeback?

"Well, having a kid was a mistake."

Contrarily, I believe that my daughter was the best thing to ever happen to me, and I feel sorry for her that she will never know the love that I do.

I've just moved into the same position as B and we will be spending a lot of time together in close quarters. I'm not sure how well I'm going to handle this behavior, or for how long... What would you do?

    That person should be ignored, just do what you gotta do and avoid her when you can. She obviously has some deep seeded issues and takes it out on others. Just keep to yourself, hope things get better for you.
      That is terrible! I would be offended too. She's completely in her right to not have children, but to say all children born in this world are a mistake is NOT okay. Children are the future. Yes, the world is overpopulated, but if everyone stopped having children completely that would be like the baby boomer issue on steroids. The entire human race getting old and aging out of the workforce with no one to take their place or care for them. SOMEBODY has to have kids or society will fall apart. If she was just saying people should have as many kids or not everyone should have kids to gradually decrease the population, I could see her point. But ALL children being a mistake? I think she's the one mistaken...
        Just ignore her...
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