do your kids play with household items (not chemicals obviously)

Now that the dishes are done and what not I can just play with Bentley all day. We have​ our kitchen gated so he can't get in there but I had the broom in there sweeping and he was standing at the gate saying maaam boom. I stood there for a minute after I had finished sweeping and thought "what do you want buddy?" Eventually I realized boom sounds like broom so I picked the broom back up and handed it to him, he took it and smiling walked away. He is now walking around the house holding it saying "boom,boom." DO you let your kids play with house hold items? Pot, Pans, Spoons, anything?

5sarah New Bern, North Carolina
    My girls love to use my pots and pans to play music on. Or anything mommy does actually. They will push the vacuum around, sweep the floor, grab the dish sponge and wipe things down.
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      My mom used to let us use paper plates and craft tacks and we would make cars out of boxes! We also made tents with sheets and furniture, we called them our garages.
        Amanda Hurley
        Oh yeah. I think its how they learn. When I am cooking, Grahm is usually banging on pans at my feet.
          8Theresa Gould
          Mine always seemed to love household items more than toys.
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