I know it's early

I know its really early but when do you guys think its a good idea to have a baby shower? 6 7 or 8 months? I would be 6 months in February and 8 months in April and April is my Birthday month what do u guys think? Just wondering when you guys had yours?

    Ever Lopez
    Congrats on your new bundle of joy!! it all depends on how you feeling but April will be just fantastic!! I had my 1st baby shower on Nov. 12 and gave birth Dec.5, My 2nd Baby shower was Feb.19 and gave birth Feb.21 ( i dance to much so he was a premature baby) my due date was Mar.16!
      If I'm able to have my baby I think Ima do it in April then my due date is the end of May. May 27th actually the same day my mom passed away. So if he or she is born that day it'll be like my mom and god wanted it to be there. But if I'm able to have this child it'll be a huge blessing either way
        Debi that's a great idea :-)
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