People can really get under my skin!

As a soon to be mother I'm going to make a promise that if some how my birth story is traumatic I'm not going to scare moms to be. why people decide to do this baffles me and is unnecessary. someone also told me that breastfeeding wasn't the way to go that it could be harmful to the baby ... compared to formula, I've been trying to find info and haven't been successful!

    Breast milk is always best. Some Moms can't or decide not to breastfeed and that is ok too but I've never heard of breastfeeding being harmful for baby. Clearly this person has no idea what they are talking about. I am with you on the scary stories. I always panic for a while after I hear or read them. I just don't want to know really...and I've been through it once before already. lol
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    Hi, my boyfriend and I have recently found out we are having a baby, a little unexpected but now that it is becoming reality we are very excited!