Christmas Tree.. and a CRAWLER!

Mamas! Any advice on a Christmas tree this year with a CRAWLER? ha!!!!

Any and all suggestions welcome! Regardless, I am so excited for this year!

    We have non breakable item at the bottom, but still stress it's a no no and a pretty.
      Ever Lopez
      Try to put all your Beautiful and fragile ornaments at the very top, buy plastic ones for the bottom branches and just get fluffy stand up toys to put on the floor.. nothing crazy my 1st experience was devastated but I learn from my mistakes...Lol... oh try to go for a NO so big tree if baby likes to pull things off, my son end up pulling a 6 ft. His 1st x.mas (he was 1 yr) so last yr we got our sofas semi together and put the tree in the middle of them..
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