Oh My!! Did He ask What???????

Ok I am at the bakery this morning (craving carrot cake and cannolies) so i stand on line and there is this guy asking for a "Carrot cake" but what came out his mouth next was just CRAZY and my ears couldn't believe it, he asked the young lady
"excuse me miss is the carrot cake contain any meat if so which one, any potatoes or other veggies?" My stomach twist and turn and i just walked out to get some fresh air i couldn't LoL in his face! Thank god i didn't lose my space on line!!!

Ever LopezFlushing, New York
    Lol! I wonder where he used to get his carrot cake from.
      LOL, Ew no meat in carrot cake. That's weird.
        Ever Lopez
        The young lady face was " EXCUSE ME SIR, DO YOU NEED A CARROT POT PIE" and the guy say NO i just want to know about that CARROT CAKE and repeat himself! so THE young lady call the owner and the owner said " DO YOU WANT IT WITH BEEF OR PORK OR CHICKEN" if so you most go to the corner restaurant and place your order there!!! LOL
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