Tricks to SHOWER with a baby!

Mamas.. I thought I would share some tricks to SHOWER when you have a baby and you are the only one home :)

- wait until NAPTIME :) a given!
- wait until AFTER they eat and are typically happy to put them in bouncy seat or exersaucer outside of the shower..
- once they can hold their own bottle, wait until feeding time - this works great!
- put them in their crib with a few SAFE toys and keep that monitor close by!
- shower post stroller walk and just stroll that stroller right in by the shower!
- shower post getting home while they are still snoozing in the car seat :)

    Oh yes. I used to just turn a cartoon on and take a shower, Andrew is getting old enough to watch the cartoon and stay out of most trouble.. But he still thinks he needs to find me so I have to wait until he is napping or occupied with daddy. Grace just gets a couple toys and sits on the floor. That wil work for another six month probably.. then it's back to staying up after bedtime, getting in the shower before they wake up, or wait until daddy is home.
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