Handme downs!

Eva's turn for handmedowns this time. She's really excited because she is finally fitting in big sissy's clothes that we have. Went through her clothes yesterday, today we go through Grace's and Andrew's too big boxes and get everybody's too small clothes put away.

    We get some here and there for Andrew from the cousins.. But my sis has three boys in a row, one is the same age as Andrew and my brother whose son doesn't wear out clothes lives too far away. So basically from here on out, Andrew is the only one i should have to shop for a whole wardrobe for. :D
      Ever Lopez
      If you have ppl around you those are the best Ever!! My sister and I had being doing handme downs for sometime now my nephew is 5 so she saved her son clothes and 2 yrs later I got pregnant so after that I got pregnant again and a few month later so did she and now I'm pregnant again so the clothes are staying in the family! LoL
      LOL That's what we were doing for awhile.. Then we had boys the same age and that went away.. My oldest gets hand me downs from her oldest, but her kids are slowing down with their growing so there's not much left to hand down that's worth wearing. :)
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