Mamas.. do you remember the first time your baby hit their head or fell really hard on their own? How old were they? What were they doing? Monroe is testing the waters.. b lining STRAIGHT for our coffee table lately.. eek.. looks like we need to move it! He also cannot be left anywhere but on the floor, he's too mobile!

    I don't think Adrianna has yet expect for the usual skinned knees... Andrew was about two when he REALLY conked his head.. Decided to take a toy with wheels down the stairs in the garage before we could catch him. Split his chin open. We didn't think it was too bad so just treated at home (yeah..should've taken him in oh well). Eva was about 15 months and fell on the corner of our metal bed frame just walking (she's a klutz... a major one..), split her eyebrow open, took her in and they just taped it together.
      Ever Lopez
      Oh My!! Ozzie was 11 month and he was already mobile (to fast for his age) and I had him inside the playpen next thing I heard was a BOOM Omg I wanted to drop dead in the spot he gather all his toys to a corner climb on top of them and did a flip which cause him to jump out the playpan.. he was ok but I sure wasnt!!! With Junior it was underneath a rocking chair poor baby he cry himself to sleep over that!!
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