It's okay to do nothing...

I was at my mom's house last Friday and she was teaching me to pickle peppers (It was really fun, actually). I've gotten really close to my mom since I've been married and especially since Avery was born. It's nice. And I'm glad we've gotten over our past issues :)

One thing I really like is that my mom asks me how I'm doing. Not in the casual small talk way. She actually CARES about how I'm doing. I told her that I'm staying busy, but works been slow so I've caught myself getting bored as the afternoons drag on. She paused for a second and said something that was so perfect I had to share.

"It's okay to have nothing to do, It's important. Like white space in a drawing, you need it. If you fill up every little corner of the paper it'll be so busy you won't really be able to see any of it, but leave some blank space and your drawing will really pop"

I loved that analogy! So don't be afraid to leave a little white space in your day :)

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      8Theresa Gould
      It often happens after becoming a mom ourselves what a well-spring of wisdom and information our mothers are. Thankfully, I started changing towards my mom in other ways in my late teens. She's a dear friend, not just to me but to all my sisters. We do not know what we'd do without her.
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