38 week checkup! !!!!!:))

Pregnancy update 38 weeks! !!!! Today Caleb flipped! He is no longer breech. The Dr checked my cervix.I'm not dilated but I am 50 percent effaced. Wooohoo! So far no c section! If I don't go into labor next week They want to induce me next week! ! They said my next appt next Monday they said if I'm not dilated I'll be induced. But right now they want to See me go on my own. They said he is on his way to be 7.5 pounds when he is born. So we will know next Monday.

    wow congratulations im happy ur baby flipped soon u will meet ur baby boy yay
      8Theresa Gould
      Yay on Caleb flipping and your body getting ready on its own. Can't wait to hear of Caleb's arrival!
      woohoo guys! It's almost time :)
        Ever Lopez
        Oh Yeah is about that Time! Best wishes !
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        Hello Mommies and mommies to be! I am a 30 yr old Christian mommy to be! My husband and I are very excited to announce we are expecting a baby boy named Caleb! I wanted to join a place to get advice, for comfort and for strength! :)