Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

So we started a new daycare center, which always means that we end up with a strange new disease. This one is hand, foot and mouth. What a disgusting disease! Has anyone else dealt with it yet? Kaylee, my 2 year old, had it last week. She was miserable and had ugly red spots and sores all over her face, hands, feet, elbows, and diaper area. This week my husband has it. It's gross. They look like Lepers. I'm just curious if anyone has been able to find a way to make it less painful. The doctors say it just has to run its course, but this is gross!!!

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      8Theresa Gould
      Sorry we do not have any experience with this. It sounds miserable. :(
        That's ok. Trust me - you DON'T want it! And I just found out today that he is still contagious. The daycare and my pediatrician said that once the spots appear that they are no longer contagious. According to the CDC website they are VERY contagious and will continue to be for the next few weeks. Husband has now missed 2 days of work. He has to go back tomorrow somehow. His spots on his feet are now purple and they are very swollen. It's awful.
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