Why do you homeschool?

I've met more and more homeschool parents lately. I have to admit I kind of like the idea of getting to teach my kids, but I also really like the idea of Avery's first day of school, lol!

Anyway, if you homeschool why did you decide to try it and when? I've heard about religious reasons or living to far from the nearest public school, but that's it. Why did you choose it?

    8Theresa Gould
    We homeschool for religious reasons which ties into our belief that we are responsible for our children in every area of their lives, including education.
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      That's great that you can still be a part of the extra curriculars! I totally get the idea of not sending your kids off to someone else for eight hours a day. That's why i didn't want to send Avery to day care. I'm her parent so I should do the parenting!

      I also like the idea that my kids could move at their own pace through school. Everyone learns so differently and I like that they could find what works for them.

      Our issue is financial unfortunately. My husbands salary isn't enough so I'm doing freelance work to try and make ends meet. It's just really hard to make enough when I'm constantly interrupted by little ones. When they're in school I'll have a solid chunk of time to work. If they we're homeschooled I'd have to put my attention toward that and I'd get even less billable time.

      If something changes in the future and we could afford for me not to work if totally consider homeschooling though!
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