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Josh and i fight over names like crazy. For Carter's name it took us forever to agree. So what we did was both choose our fav name and put them together and thats how we got Carter Layne. Well josh wants to name our daughter (whenever we have one) coraline Marie or Mia nicole. I want Coralie Marie but he is dead stuck on coraline or Mia. I was like why are we fighting over names when we aren't even expecting! LOL funny night

    8Theresa Gould
    That is kind of funny. We came to our names fairly easily, just harder with the last couple.
      My husband and I arrived at our little girl's name pretty easily... we had three selected and we went with our third choice (Ellsie). He was dead set on having a little Dia... and I wanted Lela. Well one day around week 28 a little voice in my head said "her name is Ellsie." And we went with it... now our next daughter is for sure a Dia (if we have one).

      I think Coralie is ADORABLE... so it intrigues me that your husband is so dead set on Coraline when they're so similar (to me). And of course I like Mia, but I really love Coralie.
        He has been dead set on Mia back when before we found out with Carter that he was a boy. I bug him all the time I want a long name. I was looking through names and saying all of them out loud and Caroline was one and he said what about coraline? I wa like awe thats cute then I was like what about Coralie? He said no, my choices are either Mia or coraline ( i choose the middle name). I want Coralie Faye. I dont know anybody named Coralie or Coraline. Which is what I want, i want a name not very many people have.
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