I understand the concern but this is a little over the top....

I understand the concern about sharing food with other children and allergies and all that but these children were 13, old enough to know their allergies and speak up if there were any. So I think it is a little over the top for the one boy to get a detention...I cannot remember if it was school policy or what.

Do you think this is over the top or do you understand the detention punishment?


8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    I agree. These two are old enough to know the allergies they have, if any.
    Why did one get a burrito and one a sandwich? If we had more than one entree we could choose or get 1/2 serving of each... I think it's more a matter of the school thought they needed more money from one of the boys.
    My friends and I shared. If we got caught, we were charged a .50 fee (that's how much second helpings were).. By juinor year we got smart and would offer to take somebody else's tray...then eat on the way to the trash can. :D
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