Our big toy bin is one of those shelves with a bunch of different plastic bins. One of the bins is used for baby toys.. Normally I've just been grabbing a few toys here and there for Grace to play with. She's been so restless today I just grabbed the bin and gave it to her. She got so excited she about tipped herself over lol. It also became quickly apparently Andrew and Eva put toys away without my help (YAY).. .Grace found the only non baby toy in the bin and is playing with that one.. It's not anything that can hurt her so I'm just letting her play.. It's really bugging the kids so they are getting a lesson in 'put your toys away where they BELONG'. :D

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    That's what I figured. They just cleaned some more, too.
    She had a wooden block. Her teeth aren''t through enough to chew any off.
      8Theresa Gould
      Too cute how excited she got! :)
      I know! looks like that is when I miss the video on my smart phone. :)
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