Mompreneurs... How do you feel?

What are your greatest trials and triumphs from working at home?

For me...


Self discipline (but the DISHES are dirty... how can I write with dirty dishes?),

turning brain from work mode to home mode...It's like work mode can stay on all the time because there is no drive home, and there's always work that could be done.


Comfy 'uniform'- PJ's

Being around family

​Being in control of my hours

Being in control of my future.

The list goes on and on, but those are a few biggies. What about you guys?

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    The gym... I did really well going for a while, then stopped. Definitely something I'd like to add back into my routine also!
      8Theresa Gould
      Sounds about right.


      I really struggle with turning work off that's why when my family asked me to take weekends off several months ago, I've been working at being committed to having my work done by Friday. It's been hit or miss depending on how busy the week was, but at least I've improved and want to continue in that direction.

      Balance (kind of goes along with the above)

      Hard to take/make phone calls with a houseful

      There can be lean times (it takes constant looking for work to keep it steady unless you've found a long-term position(s) with steady hours/pay)


      Get to stay home with my children

      Get to be my own boss/set my own hours/take breaks when I want

      More flexibility...usually

      Get to work in my pjs

      Definitely more benefits than struggles.
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