well moms! I haven't been on here in a while!

My husband and I hit a little rough patch with money there for a while. I didn't have a job to help him with bills. Now I have a good paying job. He's working a good job too. We had to get a new vehicle. I am not home a alot, which is why I haven't been on here in a while. BUt my baby girl is 9 months old. weighs over 20lbs and has 6 teeth! Shes also trying to walk, she's all over the place. It's hard to keep up with her. But i love every minute of it

    I am sorry to hear that you went through a rough patch but it is great to hear that things are going well now. It sounds like your daughter is doing great and that is wonderful! What kind of job did you get?
      8Theresa Gould
      Welcome back, Christina. Sounds like things are going better for you financially, that must be such a relief.

      Your baby girl is getting so big! She is doing great!
        I plan on dressing her up. I really haven't picked out anything yet though! lol
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        I am currently a stay at home mom to a little girl who is 5 months old now. I would love to find some kind of job that would allow me to make money from home and take care of her too. Her daddy works a lot, and I want to make money to help with bills.