The Weekend!


What have you been doing all weekend? I have been MIA a few days.. not on purpose.. just being SO busy! I also think you all might be busy too.. back to school routines and just finding a new pace :)

This is what my weekend has looked like...

- Friday.. FINALLY tried a new barre class! We are going on vacation in a few weeks, and I didn't feel like spending an arm and a leg for my typical monthly barre classes.. (we are talking a small car payment) so I decided to try the cheap first month at a new studio.. and I AM LOVING IT! It is slower paced.. more yoga based.. but woo baby.. my muscles love it! We also went to dinner.. my pick! As well as ice cream Friday night. An awesome date night.. I feel lucky that my husband values these as much as I do.. some great conversation with my main squeeze.

- Saturday! I went back to the barre for another class in the morning! Felt great.. then I had a quick in service meeting for the doctor I work for. After I decided to shop a bit.. and to my gain, I scored 3 swim suit tops.. like the cute tank kind.. for $12! We are going to the beach in 2 weeks and have been dreading what I will wear.. thank you shopping angels! Later Saturday we cleaned up and went to this same medical practice get together.. it was at a Korean BBQ place.. and lots of karaoke happened! Ha.. It's amazing how insane people seem when you cannot join them in a drink or two :)

- Sweet Sunday! Ah.. today so far.. has been outside yard work, cleaning, working.. and later a barre class and football! We are Browns fans here.. and today.. today we hope to win :)

What has your weekend looked like ladies!?​

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      8Theresa Gould
      Friday my husband made a run to a diagnostics lab to take a couple of sick chickens to be tested so we know what we are dealing with and if our products are still safe to sell. Waiting to hear back....not sure how long it will take them.

      Saturday we had a couple of CSA pick ups and a goat soap making class, but we used cow's milk instead! We had a nice turnout 8 adults and 2 children came. Pretty good for a first class. Only two didn't make it at the last minute.

      Sunday we just relaxed or most of us did. Certain males of the family spent 5 hours cleaning the barn! There's still a ton of stuff to do out there since it was such a mess when we first started renting it in February.

      That's about it. I barely worked online and loved the break!
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