Patient Portal?

Mamas.. where you take your kids to the doctor.. do you all have "patient portals" that you can access online? Keeps records of appointments, question inquiries, etc.. if so, do you use it? find it useful? find it non-essential?

Where I take Monroe they offer it.. but to be honest, I'm not sure how beneficial it is.. more times than not I just call with questions :)

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      Two of Nina's three doctors that she's had over time have all offered it. It was useful for someone like me, who likes to do everything online and never have to talk on the phone ever. I could schedule/reschedule, keep track of vaccinations, update any allergies and whatnot. I got to see what the doctor would put down note-wise after each visit and how much she weighs/is tall/etc. You can e-mail the doctor directly (at least, with ours, we could) if we had a question. I -loathe- talking on the phone, no matter what the situation, so patient portal is great for me.
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