Co Parenting

How many moms out there are not with the father anymore? How do you go about co parenting? Is it all court ordered or do some of you just work together?!
I am no longer with my sons father, and I have no desire to be ever again. I cant seem to get him to get along with me however when it comes to our son. He is always picking fights. :/ what do you all do?

    I'm not with my oldest's father.. His mom does more of the parenting because he just won't... It's pretty easy to get along with his mom but the few times I actually have to talk to him I dread it.
    It does get easier. It was difficult for us for about to years and then after that we all lightened up and realized we needed to be nice for her sake.
      8Theresa Gould
      I do not have any experience either. Sounds like some good tips have been given by the other ladies. Hope it gets better for you.
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