I have cut out sodas and surprisingly No more bloated feelings. My jeans are getting looser and looser. Hey maybe I will get some weight off. Mandy's diet works great and it is really healthy too. Been sticking to it.

    Yes! Good for you!! Once you drop soda you can lose quite a few pounds! Done it myself. I only have 1 glass on cheat day now. Eating healthier myself. It can be tough but the rewards are worth it!
      thank you ladies really I have enjoyed letting it go but I got used to it because my sister-in-laws and husbands family have to have a coke every time they sit down to eat or snack and even sometimes on outings. I started realizing how bloated I felt all the time and sleepy. I found out that caffeine messes with my thyroid also and leaves me without energy.
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      I am 42 but am married to a wonderful man whom has never had the experience of being a father. I've had my tubes tied but have heard that there is still a chance of pregnancy.Is this true and what can I do