You have $50 for yourself...

Mamas, what do you do with it?

You HAVE to spend it on yourself!

Nails? Shoes? Nice dinner? Books? A dress?

I think I would get my nails done and a hair trim :) Lame.. I know!

    I would get my eyebrows done at my favorite salon, then I would get a good cup of coffee from my favorite cafe.
    The salon I go to, I have gone there for years so I pretty much know everyone working there. Everytime I go in, the receptionist squeals when she sees me because she gets to hold James while i'm getting my brows done. I went to school with her and we became pretty good friends.
      Hmm.. I think I'd get new pj's! And maybe drop by the local bakery and buy a yummy treat or two! hehe
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