Complete sentences

So my daughter and I were snuggling on the couch when I got a massive cramp in my foot (thanks pregnancy, lol) and she turns and looks at me earnestly, pets my cheek "You ok? You ok??" I told her I was alright and it was just my foot. She looks down at my oddlly shaped cramping foot/toes and looks at me again "Yo'r foot hurt-ted you?" And I was so stunned at her complete and CLEAR sentence, it kind of distracted me from the pain for a minute. I was like, uhh, yes, yes it is, but it will be ok in a minute... My little baby is getting so big!!

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      Awe that's so sweet. I've heard that eating bananas can help prevent and relieve cramps such as charlie horses and foot cramps.
        8Theresa Gould
        It is such a relief when the sentences start flowing because they are so much easier to understand and can start to express themselves with words instead of other noise alternatives.
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