news news news Reversal here I come !!!!!

Yay, It is set I am going in the month of December to Mexico for my reversal. Talked to the doctor yesterday and he says I have to be there at least a week before to be completely examined and draw blood and all that good stuff.

    8Theresa Gould
    Congratulations on getting a date set for your reversal! How exciting for you and your husband.
      He is still worried I think that the doctor may say no I can't conceive but I am not have had no problems to date to mention of that sort so I am very confident it will o.k.
        And oh yes I am starting to get really excited and I know it sounds weird but scared too at the same time. I have been to Mexico and even driven there over 15 times but never gone all the way into the inner most part of the country before so all new territory for me here. But have talked to the doctor and talked to a lady who has three little ones after him doing her reversal and I am going for it.the cost is 35,000 Mexican pesos which converts into 2,634.31 in dollars so not to bad.
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        I am 42 but am married to a wonderful man whom has never had the experience of being a father. I've had my tubes tied but have heard that there is still a chance of pregnancy.Is this true and what can I do