i need some advice on my 6 year old and his behavior

His mouth and his attitude especially towards other kids in school I cant get through to him

    8Theresa Gould
    Is he being teased? Have any changes occurred lately in your home or within his life? Is he getting enough sleep? Does he have a medical condition? I'd first look for outside factors influencing his behavior and then work from there to figure out what is driving his behavior.
    I ask him everyday if someone is teasing him or touching him in anyway he says no. He is healthy I take him to all his appointments. Now the only change I can see is me having a new baby soon but he seems so happy about it anxious for her to come home he has plans to play and train her to potty as well. He and his cousin go to the same school and she has told me that he was saying something about her to his friends and she began to cry
      I'm following as well I have a 5 yr old has an mouth on him and an attitude bad. He gets in trouble at school not for being like it to other kids but the adults.
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