Bathtime.. together or separately?

Mamas.. does your hubby or s/o help you with bath time? Do you help them? Do you guys do bath time with your little one together? Or apart? We mainly do Monroe's baths together.. it's honestly such a fun time for us three, such a de-stresser, silly time, sweet time.. we love it. For instance, tonight he was splashing and playing in the bath while we sang to him haha!

    Nope. It's all my job. :) Although daddy has had to help with distraction because Andrew is getting too old to take a bath with Eva..
      My daughter loves bath time! She splashes we sing, and she has learned how to scrub u with a wash cloth ( though I still do most of it) it's fun to see her scrub her feet. Once and a while if my husband is home from work he'll hang with us in there too. my daughter bathes alone.
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