dealing with children acting up

I asked my 10-years old:how to deal ​with children acting up?'' His answer was as follow:" Force them to do whatever you say them to do" How, Mark?-you can take something they like away...ground, interesting reaction. I prefer to have a conversation first with a clear explanation of what's wrong in their behavior. Usually no more steps are required for my son, but some kids might need more explanations and probably more firm methods.

Some parents practice ignoring. They ignore their children when they yell or cry. I personally don't like this method, but for some kids it might work just fine.

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      8Theresa Gould
      It depends on the child. I like role playing or re-doing. For example over the weekend my 5 year old was doing something to my 3 year old that set the 3 year old screaming (he has limited vocabulary but talks sentences) so I had them "re-do" the situation with N teasing A and A asking N to "please stop" instead of screaming. They did this twice to show them how the situation should have played out.

      I also like having them sit in a chair until they are quiet if they are fussing. This can take a while with a stubborn child though and may not be as effective for the stubborn child either.

      Sometimes it takes creativity because you cannot just talk a 2-3 year old down, if it's a fussy fit. Sometimes they have to calm themselves down.

      When all else fails. Pray. ;)
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